Dyno Manager (Autoscaler) Checkup Frequency

HireFire's Dyno Managers (Autoscalers) conduct periodic checkups on your application, ranging from every 15 to 60 seconds. During these checkups, they assess the application's workload metrics (such as request queue time, job queue size, and job queue latency) and apply the configured autoscaling rules to determine necessary actions.

By default, the checkup frequency for all applications is set to once every 60 seconds. However, for an additional cost, you can increase this frequency to intervals between 15 and 59 seconds. The associated costs for adjusting the checkup frequency are displayed within HireFire during the configuration process. Please note that this adjustment is made at the application level and will impact all associated dyno managers. It can be modified at any time.

Opting to increase the checkup frequency can be particularly beneficial for applications that require swift responses to fluctuating traffic conditions. Nonetheless, for many applications, the default 60-second interval is adequately responsive.

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