New Relic - Response Time

Note: To utilize the New Relic API v2, you must subscribe to the "Pro" plan or use the free New Relic add-on available through Heroku.

Note: New Relic may take up to 4 minutes to process ingested metrics from your application. Consequently, the metric data that HireFire relies on for autoscaling could be delayed by approximately 6 minutes. If this latency poses a problem, you might want to consider using either the HireFire or Logplex strategies. See Guides.

Finding Your Credentials In New Relic

Obtaining your New Relic Account ID, App ID, and REST API Key involves several steps:

1. Log in to New Relic's web interface.

2. Navigate to the "Applications" tab located in the upper left corner.

3. Select your desired application.

4. Extract the account id and app id from the URL in the format: /accounts/ACCOUNT_ID/applications/APP_ID .

5. Click on your user account in the upper right corner to access a dropdown menu.

6. Choose "Account Settings".

7. Select "API keys" from the sidebar.

8. In this section, you can activate, find, or (re)generate your API REST keys.

Setting up the Dyno Manager in HireFire

After securing the necessary credentials, follow these steps to configure HireFire:

1. Log in to HireFire and create a new Dyno Manager.

2. Name it web .

3. Set the strategy to New Relic (v2) - Response Time .

4. Adjust the autoscaling rules to your liking.

5. Select the appropriate New Relic Region and enter the credentials.

5. Save your changes and enable the Dyno Manager.

Now, HireFire will automatically scale your web dynos based on response time metrics.

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