New Relic: Unauthorized or Forbidden error

There are 3 possible causes for the Unauthorized or Forbidden error displayed in the HireFire UI for your web manager configured with your New Relic account.

  1. Your API key is invalid.
  2. Your API is valid, but you don't have access to the resource (app id).
  3. You're on the free plan (Wayne).

Newly created New Relic (Wayne) add-ons on Heroku only have access to the metrics API for a limited time. This plan isn't viable for longterm use with HireFire. If you wish to use New Relic with HireFire, you'll have to upgrade to one of their paid plans.

Alternatively, you can consider using one of our Logplex solutions instead. These are free, easy to setup, provide to-the-second metric resolution to meet auto-scaling demands faster, and require no third parties.

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