Will running jobs in parallel with multiple workers cost more?

Not while they're processing jobs, because dyno fees are pro-rated to the second.

For example: let's say you have 60 jobs queued up, each of which takes 1 minute to process. This comes down to about 1 hour of background processing time if you're running a single worker dyno.

Keep in mind for this example:

  • Heroku dyno fee: $0.035 / hour
  • Job processing time: 1 minute / job

1 worker dyno process:

$0.035 * 60 jobs = $0.035 (processing time: 1 hour)

10 worker dyno processes:

$0.035 * 60 jobs = $0.035 (processing time: 6 minutes)

As you can see, we've significantly increased throughput (by a factor of 10) without increasing our Heroku fees.

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