Problems Scaling Up Dynos

If you're encountering issues with scaling your dynos, it's likely due to one of a few common problems.

Payment Required

Upon initial sign-up with Heroku, you may not have provided billing information (e.g., credit card details). Heroku requires this information before allowing any scaling operations. Ensure that you add your credit card information to your account to resolve this issue.

Unprocessable Entity

The 'Unprocessable Entity' error (UnprocessableEntity) occurs when an attempt is made to scale beyond the limits imposed by Heroku. This error is indicated in HireFire when such scaling attempts fail due to these constraints.

Scaling Limits and How to Increase Them

Heroku sets default scaling limits for each application, which are designed to prevent excessive resource usage. If you need to scale beyond these default limits, you can request an increase. For detailed information on scaling limits and the process for requesting an increase, visit the Heroku Dev Center: Default Scaling Limits.

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