Autoscaling Multiple Worker Dyno Types

Heroku only permits one web-type dyno per application, named web . However, it does allow for multiple worker-type dynos, which can be useful for scaling different types of workloads independently.

HireFire extends this capability by enabling the individual autoscaling of multiple worker types. For instance, if your Procfile includes two different worker types—worker and mailer —you can configure two separate Dyno Managers (Autoscalers) within HireFire, one for each worker type. These Dyno Managers operate independently, each governed by its own set of queue metrics and autoscaling rules. To set up, simply follow the instructions provided within HireFire during the Dyno Manager configuration process.

While there is no strict limit on the number of Dyno Managers you can create, we do enforce a soft limit to prevent misuse. If you encounter this threshold and require an adjustment, please contact us at, and we will accommodate your needs.

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