Heroku Private Spaces Support

Both Heroku Private Spaces and Heroku Shield Private Spaces are supported by HireFire. However, there is one exception: HireFire's Logplex strategies are not compatible with Private Space Logging, an optional feature of Shield Private Spaces that captures logs at the space level rather than the application level. Because Private Space Logging allows for only a single logdrain, it should be directed at a centralized location rather than to HireFire.

When Private Space Logging is disabled, it is still possible to set up a logdrain to HireFire and use the Logplex strategies for applications within Shield Private Spaces. Conversely, if Private Space Logging is enabled and our Logplex strategies cannot be used, you can use our native HireFire autoscaling strategies:

  • HireFire - Request Queue Time (for web autoscaling)
  • HireFire - Job Queue Size (for worker autoscaling)
  • HireFire - Job Queue Latency (for worker autoscaling)

These strategies are designed to integrate directly with your application and do not rely on the Heroku Logplex.

For more information about Private Space Logging, visit the Heroku Dev Center - Private Space Logging.

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